Rhein-Tec Engineering

Most of the time our systems, whether a research station, laboratory or IT infrastructure, are operated in remote areas that are sensitive eco-systems. Rhein-Tec follows a no footprint strategy, which means that we pay attention to environmental protection, especially during construction, and try to leave as little trace as possible, whether during construction, operation or dismantling.

So we consider long before the actual construction, which is the most gentle transport and how we avoid residues.Also in the production of components and furniture, we make sure that as many components as possible can be dismantled at the end of a life cycle and reused in a later project.

Rhein-Tec Engineering

The resources on our planet are finite, so a careful use of them is a matter of course for us.

Environmental protection, protection of species and social justice play an important role in our company. We always try to avoid waste and do not waste energy and water. We expect the same from our employees, partners and customers.    
Rhein-Tec GmbH supports environmental protection organisations in the field of environmental protection and species conservation by providing equipment, donating working time or finding technical solutions.

Rhein-Tec Engineering

The Resources On Our Blue Planet Are Finite, And This Requires Us To Use Them Responsibly.

That's Why We At Rhein-Tec Pursue The Approach Of An Extensive, Continuous Cycle Economy.

Especially Because We Often Implement Projects In Remote Areas Where The Ecosystem Is Particularly Threatened, It Is Important For Us To Keep Our Footprint As Small As Possible.

That Is Why Our Modules Are Built In Such A Way That We Can Close The Biological And Technical Cycle At The End Of A Life Cycle.